Every Service to Everywhere

Tired of having multiple suppliers to orchestrate a shipment? With DKP Express you get a Full Service Provider that ensures a shipment from Door to Door. Whether your shipment is a single envelope or multiple pallets, we can provide a transportation solution for your every need.

We have services for Courier Deliveries, Chain of Custody shipments that need White Glove Service, Hand-Carry, Premium LTL shipments, Expedite and Hotshot shipments to thousands of locations across the US. Be sure your trucking and transportation provider is meeting your needs.

We Provide

Wide Range of Services

Not every carrier can provide the Full Service Package. At DKP Express and our office staff, we ensure every possible solution is made available to our clients.

Do you need a coordinator for your transportation needs? Tired of losing shipments or losing track of them in transit? Why not have a service provider that has a staff trained in the transportation industry to meet your every need. From fielding your calls about quotes to tracing routes and tracking down shipments our staff are adept at ensuring your transportation solutions stay a solution and do not become the problem.

1. Expedited & Hotshot Services

Need a shipment to be expedited with assurances of delivery? DKP Express has a great track record of going the extra mile to ensure all shipments arrive as expected. This reputation is nevermore put to the test with our Expedited services when you need a deadline matched.


2. Courier, White Glove & Hand-Carry Services

As a full service shipment supplier we offer three other services that most traditional “trucking” companies simply do not offer.

The first is a courier option that ensures that your packages are picked up and delivered with courier speed and precision.

The second one is White Glove services and you can be assured that solutions are custom-tailored to your specific needs and meets exacting standards. When a package needs a specific delivery time, location and handled in a certain way, our expert staff can ensure it’s given the White Glove Service.

Lastly, our Hand-Carry Services is the fastest and most reliable way to deliver the most important things right into your hands

3. Warehousing & Cross-Docking

Do you need to store products and have them shipped on a specific day?
Do you need to unload a full trailer of products and cross-dock them into smaller vehicles?
DKP Express will get your covered.

We have a 6,000 Sq Ft Warehouse with the following features:
– 22′ High Pallet Racks
– 10,000# Overhead Crane
– 14′ Tall Drive-In Door
– Dock Door with Leveler