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Expedited Services

DKP Express is a leader across North America in providing on-time expedited services. From a single parcel to multiple pallets our Cargo Vans and Straight Trucks offer a speedy service not available to large tractor trailer shipments.

These smaller vehicles can navigate highways, traffic congestion and alternate routes with ease when larger trucks are stuck to single high volume routes. When you need a shipment to arrive on time without the hassle of a large trailer, Expedited Division of DKP Express should be your first choice.



Industry Leader in Expedited Shipments for your most important needs

Courier And

white glove Services

DKP provides some of the easiest solutions for supply chain management to some of the largest companies in the world.

If you want solutions that work to improve your delivery times with less work, DKP Express is that solution.

Are you tired of courier services that cannot meet your deadlines or schedule? Need it delivered with a very specific chain of custody? At DKP Express we consider all your requests and work diligently to live up to the name of Courier & White Glove Services and our world revolves around meeting your expectations.


White glove services

When you need it fast and handled with care!

Full truck load

Never fear about a shipment being stranded again. Have a full truck load requirement? DKP Express can meet those demands as well. Whatever your needs, DKP Express can scale from 1 pallet to a full truck load to meet your supply and shipment solution needs.

Less than truck load

LTL Shipments get a bad reputation for not making their destinations on time. With DKP Express and our vast network we are constantly working to provide the absolute most affordable shipping solutions that can actually meet your deadlines.

When you only need 1 pallet shipped across country and need a reasonable rate, it no longer has to take two weeks. With dedicated owner-operators and a network of service providers we do not take a load we cannot deliver on time.


Truckloads Just Got Easier


Of LTL & FTL Loads

LTL Carrier You Can Trust

Truck load & LTL

LTL & FTL Shipments with Expedited-like speed

About DKP Express

The company dedication to move goods to our customer specifications has earned DKP Express a quick reputation as the industry leader. In today’s price driven economy the fact that DKP Express is a member of SmartWay Transportation Partnership and TEANA (Expedited Association) will ensure our fuel efficiency and proper movement of freight.

With our experts on staff at our headquarters we can provide effective customer service. We manage every client with integrity and honesty. With a network of service providers and owner operators our staff liaises with all the moving parts in a supply chain so you do not have to.


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